Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Realise your earning potential to make money online

Making money is a strange thing. It's a concept.  Money can only be represented by bank notes or cheques - bits of paper with tremendous power.   

How do you view wealth?  Do you feel that wanting money is wrong, or being able to spend it is bad? If we believe its bad, wrong to be wealthy, then maybe subconsciously that idea is holding us back from actually making money. 

You need to have an idea what financial security means to you?  Why do you want it?  How much do you want it?  What will you do once you have got it?

You can achieve anything if you have certainty.  However, if you don't know for certain what that certainty is - how will you know when you have achieved?  If success is not clearly defined in your head - how will you measure it?  

Lets try this out.   Visualize what wealth means to you.  It may be a lovely home,  a new car, no financial pressures.   It may be spending more time with your children or making sure your loved ones are well cared for and secure. It might be the freedom to do what you've always wanted to do.  It may mean quitting the job you hate.  If you have a definite goal in your mind It will make you better at succeeding by looking at where you want to go and heading with a purpose in that direction.  This means being specific about the end result,  projecting yourself into  a place where you have already achieved your goal of making money on-line.  Acting as if you are successful can absolutely make you successful.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Make Money Online Motivation with Sandkat - Backlinks

Make Money Online  - Make it work  using Backlinks


Off Page Ranking

The most important part of this process is linking.

I have used this illustration often to describe this little process but it is very apt and easy to understand, so here it is again.   Imagine you are a film producer and you have a great script but you are fairly new to directing. You don't  know the Hollywood 'greats' so you ask lots of unknown actors to appear in your film. When it's finished  it flops at the box office. Now, you  won't give up easily,  so you decide to re-produce  it but this time you invite some very well known actors to star in the film and it turns out to be  a great success - why?  Well, the film (or your website in this case) is of excellent quality, content and has a great story line but simply because you have invited well known celebrities and not 'unknowns' to star in the film it is a success.
Linking works in much the same way. It's very important to get other web sites to link to you and vice versa but if you can link to well known sites that Google already likes, sites with high quality content and loads of traffic, then, the search engine will surmise that you are a fairly important website and should be considered for a higher rank.

Also if a lower ranked website is receiving lots of 'click through's and is obviously becoming popular, the search engine may well decide to lower a high ranking website and give more credence to the lower ranking site.

Unfortunately, search engine optimization is an ever changing and multi-faceted game,  this is all a bit of a balancing act and the goal posts are constantly changing. But don't despair there is a lot you can do to get your website where it will be noticed.

If you already have a website and it's a business site for which you depend on to provide some, if not all of your income, you will have already realised that you face massive competition. It is extremely difficult to get you website to the top of the search engine rankings, certainly on a permanent basis.

There are other things that can assist you to increase the traffic coming to your website. Most people understand what links are, there are internal and external links. Simply put, external links are a connection with your web page HTML which is from another source. That is, not from another page on your website.  Then there are internal links this means  linking two or more internal pages of your website together.  Internal links are not to be overlooked and search engines will recognize and rate your site well if it has lots of internal links.

There are various types of links, some of these are rated more highly than others by the search engines.  One way of adding links is by leaving a comment on a site with the same topic as yours.  However, not all sites have a comments box.  Many blogs and forums have places where a link can be left.  To do this, type in blogs or forums into the search engine and pre-cede that with a keyword from your website.  You can then click on the individual headings to find places where you can leave a comment.  Do not just put anything in, check out the website (if nothing else this will provide you with valuable information) as a courtesy and leave an appropriate comment regarding what you have read.  You will be asked for your e.mail, this is not published, and there will be a box for you to put a signature - this is where you put your site URL.  The same applies to forums, you will be asked to register,  after this you can join in first by introducing yourself and leaving your URL, after this you can add tho various topics being discussed or start your own and again leave a link to advertise your site, achieve a backlink and also to get additional traffic to your site.

Links to well known websites are a bit more tricky  as you would need their permission for a link to be added but if you have a common interest and not a conflicting one. Eg. if your site is about advertising and selling maps to show tracks, routes and places to stay for cycling enthusiasts you would do well to approach the owner of a site selling bicycles.  Obviously, you would both benefit from a reciprocal link (one to the other) that way you can both increase sales as visitors pass from one site to the other.  You can can the e.mail and names of these sites by visiting and typing in the web address concerned.  There are extremely efficient software tools to take the hard work out of this for you.

One of these  SEO ELITE

This will find top websites where you can leave a backlink as well as whois (site owner information).  It will also allow you to check out your competition to see what they are doing in order to get their website at the top ranking.  It will also help you with additional information so you can see keywords that your competitors are using and how long their sites have been active. This is a fantastic bit of  software well worth the outlay and it will give you excellent results and great service for years.  It will ultimately speed everything up for you and drive a lot more traffic to your site.

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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Making Money Online Motivation with Sandkat - Traffic, traffic and more traffic

 Traffic, Traffic Traffic and more Traffic.......

The way you get traffic to your website is, of course, dependent on the type of business you have and what you are selling.  For example you might be selling may be a product that can be sold locally, perhaps its a service rather than a product.  Now that is  a whole lot easier - I'm not going to pretend you are clueless here because I know your not.  Any local service needs to be advertised and I'm sure if that's you, by now you will have a vehicle, flyers, etc etc advertising your business and web address, you will also be in the yellow pages (UK) or other telephone or directories.

There are also on line directories and I am pretty sure you will have set up your details on some of these too but just in case you haven't. here is what to do.  Type in directories into you search bar and you will find a whole list of  places where you can advertise mostly for free.  I did a pet sitting service once and I still re-advertise each year.  Its not really a business - although at one time I was serious about it - I still do it occasionally because it  really is effortless and good fun.  It cost me nothing to advertise and I still get phone calls from time to time despite not actively advertising - that was only from one listing in one directory.  If you have a website, most directories have somewhere that you can display the website details and, thus, you can get customers to your site so they can details of the goods and services you supply.  These can be powerful ways of advertising your business and getting traffic to your website.  Great if your a local tradesman or offer a service locally. 

If you already have a website and it's a business site, for which you depend on to provide some, if not all of your income, you will have already realised that you face massive competition. It is extremely difficult to get you website to the top of the search engine rankings, certainly on a permanent basis.  I have already emphasised using keywords to increase search engine rankings on previous posts so I'm not going into that again.  In my next update I will be helping you to increase your search engine traffic by another means.

HONESTe Online Member Seal Click to verify - Before you buy!Making money on line using back links.  Thanks for visiting and Sandkat will be back with more information very soon.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Make Money Online Motivation with Sandkat

Q.  Do I need to optimize my website to make money online?

The short answer is YES! Here are some of the main reasons why you should  optimize your website for long tail keywords :

Long tail keywords lead to higher conversions.   Just think of it this way -  you go shopping for a new pair of shoes and that is all you need that day.  While your in the shopping mall you browse around a book shop a chemist and a shoe shop.  Where would you guess is the most likely type of shop where you would spend your cash?  Obviously the specific shop would be the shoe shop.   Visitors arriving via  multi-phrase searches  are much likely to make a purchase or convert on specific affiliate programs  By targeting these longtail phrases, you are effectively targeting a market of potential buyers.

Long tail Keywords are much easier to rank. It is much easier to make your website rank well on search engines for longtail keywords because of the generally weaker competition.  (Unless you have something very specific like a name - e.g. Robert Robertson you are unlikely to get first place rankings from long tailed keywords due to the immense number of websites now on the internet)

More Visitors to your website. Targeting long tail keywords will gradually lead to more search engine traffic because you’ll have a lot of pages indexed and ranking for specific phrases related to your website/business. This means increased visibility which in turn leads to a much larger amount of search engine traffic.

Higher monetization potential. Search engine visitors are very valuable because they are targeted individuals  looking for very specific information and, therefore, are much more likely to click on contextual ads or subscribe to your site newsletter or blog feed. This grows the  audience allowing you greater potential for making money online  in the long run through product sales or the use of third-party advertisements.   So its really quite simple - be specific - without being ridiculous.  Your keywords should not be general, neither should they be so obscure no one would ever think of doing a search on them.  Think of what you might type in to a search engine.  

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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Make Money Online Motivation with Sandkat - Getting Started

If you think staying motivated to make money online is hard then please read on.
One of the biggest problems we had to overcome was actually discipling ourselves to do the work at hand. You see, when you have all day to sit at the computer you tend to procrastinate, put it off, find something else to do. We wondered how we had found time to go to work! There were dogs to be walked, friends wanted to meet us for lunch, coffee, shopping - anything, and because we "didn't work" people thought we could do anything anytime.


We soon came to realize we had to get tough. Just because you work from home doesn't mean you can do what you like. You absolutely must schedule a set time or number of hours to devote to your business or you'll get nowhere fast. View it as your 9 - 5. If you only have the evenings free be strict with yourself. Draw up a time-table and stick to it.

I'm sure that like us, you've poured over the money making packages available online and envied the pictures posted that show a fabulous lifestyle. Big, fancy houses, sports cars, exotic destinations. Then you are told this is all so easy to achieve 'working just 2-3 hours a day'. Maybe for them - now, but believe me they will have started out just like you, spending many hours learning the score. So come on. Draw up your schedule, knuckle down - Get on with it!

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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Make Money Online Motivation with Sandkat - Long Tailed Keywords

Long Tailed Keywords for Maximum Traffic to Make Money On-line

I hope you have now made some progress in deciding the method by which you can take your business forward.  My recommendation is to buy some software to create your own websites.  The choice, of course, is yours but as I have said on previous blogs, this truly will be money well spent.

Always, always make sure you have the correct information and know how before you begin.  I have already mentioned this but I cannot stress it enough simply because mistakes can be costly and time consuming as well as  being difficult to amend.  It may also have an adverse affect on how you move forward 
with your on-line career.  Although, I sincerely hope 
Build your own professional websites

not as setbacks are all part of the game and should be viewed as part of your learning curve.

For some people the web is almost second nature.  Scores of people have a very in depth understanding of how Search Engines work, how to build a number one website and get maximum traffic.  This blog is not for those people.  It's aim is to provide good 'common sense' basic information to those who are just beginning to either understand websites, how to get a site published and then make it a success.  So, if it seems like I often add very basic information, please remember,  everyone is at a different place on the learning curve.

Long Tailed Keywords - What are they?

The best way to illustrate this is -  say that if your car had been in a small crash with a bit of damage that needed seen to.  You need help.  You type a search into Google for 'garages'. A list pops up in front of you which consists mostly of large chains of garages which are all located in big cities.  Trouble is you don't live in a big city.

Next you try 'garages in Wiltshire'  another list comes up with a more local list but not quite local enough.  Next you type in 'garages in Hilperton, Wiltshire, then  your closer still.  I think you will be getting the idea by now. You need some paintwork done on the car but not all garages offer this service so you can narrow it down still further.

Now the garage in Hilperton, Wiltshire, UK that paints bodywork would be excellently placed if they had those keywords in their domain name, title and body of their website.  Also in their tags and throughout their site not to mention relevant tags and titles according to each page.  They must of course be relevant to the site or page  and not general keywords specifics are needed.  No one will visit a garage in Wiltshire if their car is parked in Manchester. 

If you follow this advice and think carefully about your site before you build it you will save yourself time and have a good foundation on the road to success.

I hope you are now beginning to see there is an awful lot more to building owning and getting traffic to your website.  You don't just need to become an expert in one field but you need to master many skills to be a success.

Look out for more information soon. xx Sandkat

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Friday, 19 February 2010

Make Money Online Motivation with Sandkat - Positive Thinking is Not Enough

Make Money Online Motivation with Sandkat - Positive Thinking

The one thing that you need an endless supply of when you work on-line is motivation and a very large supply of it too. It could be that you have embarked on the quest to make money on-line all by yourself.  You will come up against many obstacles and set-backs so you need to be truly focused to achieve your full potential and not give up half way. 

How can you achieve your goal and not become demoralized and defeatist before you have even begun?

Keep in mind the points from the following article and keep reading the motivational advice from  this blog on a regular basis.  Just like a runner in a long distance race needs to top up his sugar levels with a drink of glucose, the same applies to you.  Motivation will not stay with you unless you take the time to keep topping up your sugar levels to keep you ready, alert and determined to win.


Everyone of us has dreams - the belief that somehow we're special, capable of doing something different. At some point in our life we had an idea of what we really wanted, what we believed we deserved.  Unfortunately, due to life's challenges many people put aside their dreams and forget what they really want. Once you lose hope and lose sight of your goals your confidence deserts you.  Many people fail to realise that they have the power within themselves to shape their destiny.  With determination and persistence you can take control and begin changing the quality of your life.  Positive thinking is a great place to start.  However, it alone is not enough to turn your life around. You need a strategy, a step by step plan for changing the way you think, the way you feel and what you say and do every day of your life.

Today the only thing you need to do is believe it's possible. What you do right now will shape your destiny. Whatever has happened in the past doesn't matter.  Your past does not have to be your future unless you continue to live there. Start focusing on the solution and not the problem. Look where you are heading  and believe you WILL get there.

Do you have any questions about motivation or making money online. Please contact us at:

"Whatever you think about most you will experience".