Friday, 19 February 2010

Make Money Online Motivation with Sandkat - Positive Thinking is Not Enough

Make Money Online Motivation with Sandkat - Positive Thinking

The one thing that you need an endless supply of when you work on-line is motivation and a very large supply of it too. It could be that you have embarked on the quest to make money on-line all by yourself.  You will come up against many obstacles and set-backs so you need to be truly focused to achieve your full potential and not give up half way. 

How can you achieve your goal and not become demoralized and defeatist before you have even begun?

Keep in mind the points from the following article and keep reading the motivational advice from  this blog on a regular basis.  Just like a runner in a long distance race needs to top up his sugar levels with a drink of glucose, the same applies to you.  Motivation will not stay with you unless you take the time to keep topping up your sugar levels to keep you ready, alert and determined to win.


Everyone of us has dreams - the belief that somehow we're special, capable of doing something different. At some point in our life we had an idea of what we really wanted, what we believed we deserved.  Unfortunately, due to life's challenges many people put aside their dreams and forget what they really want. Once you lose hope and lose sight of your goals your confidence deserts you.  Many people fail to realise that they have the power within themselves to shape their destiny.  With determination and persistence you can take control and begin changing the quality of your life.  Positive thinking is a great place to start.  However, it alone is not enough to turn your life around. You need a strategy, a step by step plan for changing the way you think, the way you feel and what you say and do every day of your life.

Today the only thing you need to do is believe it's possible. What you do right now will shape your destiny. Whatever has happened in the past doesn't matter.  Your past does not have to be your future unless you continue to live there. Start focusing on the solution and not the problem. Look where you are heading  and believe you WILL get there.

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"Whatever you think about most you will experience".

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