Thursday, 4 March 2010

Making Money Online Motivation with Sandkat - Traffic, traffic and more traffic

 Traffic, Traffic Traffic and more Traffic.......

The way you get traffic to your website is, of course, dependent on the type of business you have and what you are selling.  For example you might be selling may be a product that can be sold locally, perhaps its a service rather than a product.  Now that is  a whole lot easier - I'm not going to pretend you are clueless here because I know your not.  Any local service needs to be advertised and I'm sure if that's you, by now you will have a vehicle, flyers, etc etc advertising your business and web address, you will also be in the yellow pages (UK) or other telephone or directories.

There are also on line directories and I am pretty sure you will have set up your details on some of these too but just in case you haven't. here is what to do.  Type in directories into you search bar and you will find a whole list of  places where you can advertise mostly for free.  I did a pet sitting service once and I still re-advertise each year.  Its not really a business - although at one time I was serious about it - I still do it occasionally because it  really is effortless and good fun.  It cost me nothing to advertise and I still get phone calls from time to time despite not actively advertising - that was only from one listing in one directory.  If you have a website, most directories have somewhere that you can display the website details and, thus, you can get customers to your site so they can details of the goods and services you supply.  These can be powerful ways of advertising your business and getting traffic to your website.  Great if your a local tradesman or offer a service locally. 

If you already have a website and it's a business site, for which you depend on to provide some, if not all of your income, you will have already realised that you face massive competition. It is extremely difficult to get you website to the top of the search engine rankings, certainly on a permanent basis.  I have already emphasised using keywords to increase search engine rankings on previous posts so I'm not going into that again.  In my next update I will be helping you to increase your search engine traffic by another means.

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