Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Make Money Online Motivation with Sandkat - Long Tailed Keywords

Long Tailed Keywords for Maximum Traffic to Make Money On-line

I hope you have now made some progress in deciding the method by which you can take your business forward.  My recommendation is to buy some software to create your own websites.  The choice, of course, is yours but as I have said on previous blogs, this truly will be money well spent.

Always, always make sure you have the correct information and know how before you begin.  I have already mentioned this but I cannot stress it enough simply because mistakes can be costly and time consuming as well as  being difficult to amend.  It may also have an adverse affect on how you move forward 
with your on-line career.  Although, I sincerely hope 
Build your own professional websites

not as setbacks are all part of the game and should be viewed as part of your learning curve.

For some people the web is almost second nature.  Scores of people have a very in depth understanding of how Search Engines work, how to build a number one website and get maximum traffic.  This blog is not for those people.  It's aim is to provide good 'common sense' basic information to those who are just beginning to either understand websites, how to get a site published and then make it a success.  So, if it seems like I often add very basic information, please remember,  everyone is at a different place on the learning curve.

Long Tailed Keywords - What are they?

The best way to illustrate this is -  say that if your car had been in a small crash with a bit of damage that needed seen to.  You need help.  You type a search into Google for 'garages'. A list pops up in front of you which consists mostly of large chains of garages which are all located in big cities.  Trouble is you don't live in a big city.

Next you try 'garages in Wiltshire'  another list comes up with a more local list but not quite local enough.  Next you type in 'garages in Hilperton, Wiltshire, then  your closer still.  I think you will be getting the idea by now. You need some paintwork done on the car but not all garages offer this service so you can narrow it down still further.

Now the garage in Hilperton, Wiltshire, UK that paints bodywork would be excellently placed if they had those keywords in their domain name, title and body of their website.  Also in their tags and throughout their site not to mention relevant tags and titles according to each page.  They must of course be relevant to the site or page  and not general keywords specifics are needed.  No one will visit a garage in Wiltshire if their car is parked in Manchester. 

If you follow this advice and think carefully about your site before you build it you will save yourself time and have a good foundation on the road to success.

I hope you are now beginning to see there is an awful lot more to building owning and getting traffic to your website.  You don't just need to become an expert in one field but you need to master many skills to be a success.

Look out for more information soon. xx Sandkat

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