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Make Money Online Motivation with Sandkat - Best Ways to get a Website

Making Money Online - What's the Best Way to Get a Website

In my previous two blogs about making money online, I have given you a little bit of very basic information regarding keywords.  They are still a part of search engine optimization. What do I mean by organic traffic? Well, this traffic is when a visitor has come across you web site because it comes to the top of the search engine list and arrives on the top few pages, or because someone has typed in an enquiry which includes a keyword matching your site, or they have come across it on a blog site (if it is a blog of course) or they have followed a link to your site etc.  In other words, they have found you without following a paid advertisement.

Now, I could go into lots of detail about keywords but I won't at this juncture. If you are at the beginning of the game or are re-starting something you made a mess of previously.  Be positive and remember all the information you have learn't is not wasted because it will have taught you some precious lessons, if this is all new, as I said in the last blog do not start a thing unless you have all the tools, knowledge and motivation you need.
(This does not apply those who can pay for professionals to build websites and run their business.)

I emphasized keywords from the start because the title of your website/blog, the web address and the content is pivotal for your success, therefore, this will need thorough research before you begin.
(more on this later).  

Your next task is to build a website.  Now with an objective to make money on line,  there are several things at your disposal. Here are a few suggestions - I am not advocating any of these at this point and once I have listed them I will explain the why and why nots' for these

Template websites
Free websites
Professional websites
Self build websites

Now,  let me explain a little bit about each of these to you. 
Template. You can opt for a ready made website, I don't discount these, however, they are generally used for selling affiliate products (products you sell on behalf of others and get a percentage of commission for doing so).  This is great for a novice as you just follow the instructions, you may have a small choice of how the site look, you will be able to add your own name but the products you sell are most often chosen for you.  It takes the heat out of creating a website yourself if you have no idea how to do this or how to get your website hosted etc. The trick of these type of websites is that you do pay a monthly fee, if things go wrong, and they do, you will find it difficult to get help. Once your site is set up you will be bombarded with products to help you get traffic, get listed on search engines, and increase your ratings - and these will also cost you extra money.  It is very difficult to get this traffic yourself because you are so limited in what you can and can't change on the webpage.

Free Websites.  Now these are great little products and if you have goods to suppy locally and can link up to directories - which are often free- and thereby get the needed traffic you will achieve  fairly decent website which is automatically hosted for you.  If you can do local advertising, which almost eliminates the need for bothering where you are listed on Google etc. this is the one for you.  However, if you want a professional looking website with lots of pages and your own domain name then this is not for you.  You will always have the stigma of a free website name on the end of you business name,  this does'nt always give the customers the feeling that you are a quality business.  Also we again come up against  difficulties in promoting the site if you are unable to rely on local advertising, if you have loads of money for advertising Idoubt you would be using free websites anyway.

Professional websites. These are just what they say - professional.  Built, hopefully, by people in the know.  Of course, you will be expected to pay for their services and if you know nothing about websites or do not have the software at hand you will forever be at their mercy.  This is not a bad thing if you can afford it and right from the start as they should know exactly what they are doing you will be on a great footing for keywords and content, links have to built up once the site is published and running.  If changes need to be made your web builder will have to do this for you.  A fabulous - if you can afford it and if you have the right people you should have a wonderful website in no time. 

Self built websites.  Quite simply a website you construct yourself.  For those of you who are on a limited budget this is - I can't stress this enough - a wonderful way to organise yourself on the web.  In my sister blog  I have written about this subject.  So what are the benefits?  Well, you are in full control of what you are doing, you can add pages, take them down, add links, add videos, add pictures,  change backgrounds etc etc. Build more and more websites and change them as often as you like, add your own logo, background, set side bar sizes, the list goes on and on.  As far as the down side is concerned .. it would be quite difficult to find any.   To my mind this is by far the best way to create your own website and the learning curve you will climb up will be immense.  There are different types of software on the market for this purpose but I found  Xsitepro incredibly easy to use. It comes with heaps of help files and videos to make the whole process as easy as possible.  Each page you build will be automatically vetted to let you know if you have the right content on each page. It is loaded with so many features I wouldn't be able to list them and in the past if I have ever had any problems, their customer service goes the extra mile. Xsitepro will even walk you through getting you site hosted, what an     FTP client is and why you need one.  How to add links and it will store the HTML for you for future use.  In fact it has everything for those used to the internet and beginners.  Newer versions have been continually updated and with masses of new features.   Click here to read about Xsitepro for yourself.

Blogs.  Most people are very familiar with blogs these days and there are one or two which will allow you to sell from the blog and  add affiliate links such as the one I am using now.  They are a great way to showcase a topic, idea or even sell products.  Again they are limited in their capacity and some will close your blog down for misuse such as selling or even the subject of your blog.  If you want to make money from blogging, you must first check on what is allowed - some blog sites are very choosy and will allow information only. They are a great way to link to your website and , therefore, are in effect free advertising.

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"If opportunity doesn't knock - build a door".
Milton Berle

This has been a bit long winded but it will all add to your success on line so you can choose the best way forward.  Sandkat xx

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