Saturday, 13 February 2010

Make Money Online Motivation with Sandkat- Getting Rich Quick Online is a Myth

Myth - You can get rich quick online!

Yes, this is a myth.  If you have achieved this I'd like to shake your hand but I guess you haven't or you wouldn't be reading this article. Success does not come overnight regardless of what you read. All the products that tell you that you can be earning money 20 minutes from now, guess who really will be earning money in the next 20 minutes. That's right the guy you purchased the product  off and who received the money from your credit card or your pay pal account.

The reality is it will take time to grow your online business and a lot of hard work and perseverance. You might get lucky with a best selling e-book on your first attempt but for the rest of us mere mortals that's not going to happen. Ask yourself what you really want from your online business. Do you want to sell and run or do you want repeat business and a decent reputation - well that's going to take time to achieve. Are you prepared to stick with it? Do you have what it takes to succeed?

Now let me ask you an important question.  Have you ever at anytime in your life started something and wished in hindsight that you could go back and start again once you had learnt a bit more?  It could be something like when you first set your garden out or when you started renovating your house.  Anyone who attempts these kinds of tasks is asking for trouble if they do not, at the very least, sit down with a pen and paper and write down the answers to these questions

What am I trying to do?
How much information do I have to help me do it?
What tools I will need to complete the task?
How much money do I have in the budget?
Do I have an accurate plan of each step I need to take and the order to take them in?
How much time can I spare on this job?
What do you want to achieve?

Everyone has heard of Colonel Sanders and most people love his Kentucky Fried Chicken but do you know how long it took him to find someone who was prepared to give him a chance. For 2 years he lived in his car as he criss-crossed America with his chicken recipe, he was rejected over 1000 times before he finally found someone prepared to give him a chance. Would you have kept on trying that long? Do you have the resources to keep you going for that long?  Are you motivated enough to keep going that long? Do you have a good enough reason to keep going that long? Could you change your method if what you did wasn't working? It's very easy to feel discouraged when no one is visiting your website and most people give up remarkably quickly.

Whatever your goal for making money online - it will take time to build up your business. Above all do not make the mistake of getting things the wrong way around at the beginning or you will find you are unhappy with the results and will not be achieving the best you can from search engine optimisation. By then it will be too late!!!!

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