Saturday, 13 February 2010

Make Money Online Motivation with Sandkat - Keywords

                                    Keywords! Where to place them on your website

The criteria for making money online using correct keywords involves both location and frequency on a web page. The search engine will look at the title of the site and if the relevant search term appears there, the site will get a little star. The metatag (description) will be checked for the relevant term - if it's there another little star is awarded. Within the body of the page if the word appears near the top and throughout also near the bottom another little star is awarded. All very simple really, except that there are millions of websites all competing for little stars. Nevertheless, this is still important stuff.

There really is no difference between a human and a search engine trying to find a topic, both are looking for clarity, it's just that the search engine can't use emotions and judgment it can only rely on what the words tell it the site is about.  

Once upon a time when the internet was younger, just by repeating the term lots and lots of times on a page was enough to send sites up the ranks. That is not so now. More and more search engines have the ability to check that the content is of good quality and by just repeating a word in a random manner will do no good whatsoever.  Search engines look for quality.  The way something is written with correct grammar, spelling and punctuation is increasingly important. 

Keyword research is key (excuze the pun) to getting everything right from the start.  Those of us who started making money online from the internet have learnt to our cost that there is a lot more to success than just throwing up a website then sitting back to wait for the cash to pour in...great if you have a few decades to waste.  I certainly haven't and I don't suppose you have either.

Before you put pen to paper or fingers to keys, do your research.  This is vital - success does not come by sheer fluke on the internet it comes from knowing your stuff, getting ahead of your competitors and being professional about it.

This blog is a long term project to help novices to create an on-line business either of their own choosing or with some suggestions from ourselves.  So whatever your choice is in the end, as to how you will make money online, everything you read here will give you excellent grounding and common sense information to get you started.  As well as money making advice this blog is also a genuine attempt to help you stay motivated and focused as THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO FIND SUCCESS  in life. Each and every one of us has good and bad experiences, they are never wasted events, not if you learn even one thing from them.

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"I am never discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward". 
Thomas Edison

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